Welcome to the next stage!

07/27/2017 NightmareSystem

Welcome to the next stage!

Welcome to a new stage on Illusion Shard Games.

First and foremost, thank you all for having joined us faithfully in this indie development adventure. We have participated in events, been interviewed and experimented with some gameplay. Now, we’re developing a brand new videogame, which maybe you’ve been aware from a few months ago: “The UnderNet Project“.

This new project means a complete renewal as an indie team. Not only we have changed our working methodology and changed absolute secrecy for the complete synergy that you enjoy now on our development blogs. Seeing the excellent feedback received, we’ve come to the conclusion that you deserve even more, so contact with you is going to increase in order to bring life to the blog.

From next August on, you will be able not only to watch our DevBlogs in the Illusion Shard website, but we will also share our experiences in the indie world, we will publish some tutorials focused on our working tools and we will even show you some mechanics of our new game in detail.

Once more, thank you for being by our side.

Best regards,

The Illusion Shard Team!