The UnderNet Project – Dev Log 08

09/18/2017 NightmareSystem

The UnderNet Project – Dev Log 08

Greetings friends, today we have yo show you several of the new changes introduced in the  locomotion system for “the UnderNet Project”,

The first change, is the introduction of a new classic third-person camera with the same basic controls of all third-person games so if you don’t like  our basic system have an alternative to fit better in your playstyle. we also introduced is the ability to “walk”, and not just move jogging or sprint, to enjoy a major dive when you are playing our game..

Another of the novelties is that  now “the UnderNet Project” has a basic system of IK (inverse Kinematic) that allows the character animations to adapt to the surfaces where the characters move, with this system, the character will know the rotation and the elevation of the floor of each foot. it’s a basic system and we will improve it far more in the future.

Finally,we added the ability to be able to hold onto the edges, and to move through them, at the moment we need to do many more animations for different situations, but we believe that with these placeholders animations you will see the concept.


Although we still do not have 3d model, we had a great change in the game design to emphasize the “Theme Park” where the story is going to develop, after giving many toughs, we found that  a katana for character that is a computer program the concept of “Cyberspace” it a bit wrong, so the first big change of design in the game, is that now Nightmare.Sys will transform his arm into his weapon  when he enters combat. right now we don’t have it modeled but when is ready, we will show it to you .

We hope you liked our new advance, and do not hesitate to comment on our videos, we will be reading!

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