[Short Story] A Glitch in the competitive game

08/10/2017 NightmareSystem

[Short Story] A Glitch in the competitive game

The mechanical servos located on his legs were moving at full speed, making a ceaseless noise as he ran, “should have changed the configuration options before starting the game” thought, and immediately regretted it, before him appeared the configuration HUD causing much of his vision area be reduced,then using his right hand pushed the HUD. ” Given the current situation he didn’t have time to change the settings. But the few seconds it took to remove that holographic screen were quite expensive. At that moment, he felt like a puncture of pain that swept his left arm completely, because he had crashed against a data column. An element of the stage which had so often served him as a useful parapet, on this occasion not only had hindered his escape but had also dented part of the armor of his avatar, now he would have to spend some “credits” to look good again, because he hated that his armor had dents, chafing or splashing. His avatar was his temple, and it should always be shiny.

However this had a good side, during his quick escape had completely lost the orientation and that column had served him to situate again on the map. He knew that if he kept running for a few more meters he would find a small opening on his right, a recess that many players ignored. He was not mistaken, and when he arrived there he decided that the best line of action was to stop running and the time to counterattack had arrived. It was then that he took his right hand to the hip, where a katana of energy DK II with speed boost modifier was expected in its sheath to be used, but at the last moment he thought better, although he had recently acquired and was dying of desire to test in combat, however would be risking too much in that classification game , that was not a simple friendly skirmish in which he could use a weapon he had not yet mastered. And all that had to add that he was crouching in that little hole, with virtually no space to maneuver, so finally he considered that was not the best option.

The Hud reappeared before his eyes, although this time by choice, took a few thousandths to change the weapon equipped by his always faithful and sharp axe FRITZ G42, this had no new modification as his katana, nor was it even the last model of axe within YDRASSIL, but the sum of the few points of dexterity that were added to their statistics and the factor surprised to leave that gap where He was hiding, should be enough to succeed in defeating his persecutor.

What would commentators be saying about this strategy?, at that time you could imagine the number of negative comments and insults from other users for having fled and hiding in that place. After that brief thought, he weighed the axe firmly seized, the weight of it was comforting, like the handshake of an old friend.

At that moment he heard the footsteps of his adversary, these seemed to have slowed down, ‘ do you expect my attack or do you think you have cornered me? ‘ He stopped to think, then those footsteps started to sound closer, ‘ and if he’s using a decoy, what if he’s a clone of his avatar created as a distraction? ‘, he discarded that idea, it was a skill that required a lot of energy and as you cast the spell , these exposed to the attack of other players, were a good tactic when in one against one, but according to their calculations, there should be at least 2 more players on that map.

It was then that he saw a gleam coming from the armor of his persecutor passing beside him, and without thinking twice, sank his axe in the neck of his adversary with all the forces he had. His intention was to knock on his head to finish as soon as possible, but he failed for very little, still an indicator of damage appeared before his eyes and his pulse accelerated to see the silver color of the figures, had been a critical blow, he could not believe the fate he had had, and instantly he could see as his opponent collapsed on the ground , and the blade of the axe was freed from the body.

An informative marker appeared in the upper corner of his field of view, the name of his avatar was shown next to the icon of an axe, followed by the name of his victim. Then another marker appeared below his, indicating that another player had given death to some poor wretch with a bastard sword.

It was full with emotion, that meant that the encounter had become one against one and therefore he had already achieved the necessary points to qualify for the next round. He looked at the dent in his left arm and thought that he should still give as much as possible, he needed extra credits for repairs.

Then he began to run through several aisles until he reached a wider area of the map, it was a circular space with 3 entrances, on the walls there were holograms that advertised different types of weapons, as if that place were some kind of abandoned mall. It was a good place to wait for his only opponent, without much effort could control the 3 innings, being able to avoid risk of being caught by surprise.

He reweighed the axe in his hand, in this area would have enough space to brandish his new katana, but still did not convince the idea of using a weapon with which he was not familiar during a competitive game. Then he thought of the bastard sword that probably wielded his enemy, the Katana would offer a greater attack distance than that axe.

I dedicate a moment making sure that no one will approach by any of the entries and re-opened the Hud, but when trying to select the katana occurred something strange, before his eyes appeared an error message that informed him that his katana was already equipped. ‘ What the hell? ‘ he looked at his hands through the holographic HUD, perhaps, with his nerves, had tried to select it twice, but the axe was still firmly grasped by his right hand.

He tried again and this time there was no error message, suddenly the HUD disappeared fragmenting. I did not know that this kind of error could exist, so I try once again to open the HUD, but only appeared before their eyes loose words throughout the interface, resume game, configuration options, Inventory, attributes, then these words began to mingle, to interweave each other, life, death, dispute, punctuation, survival, duty, conscious and finally, change.

In the upper right corner appeared again an informative marker, in it one could read: Nightmare. Sys followed by the icon of a katana, followed by the name Pawn .exe, suddenly all the right zone of its screen was filled with these indicators, nightmare. SYS, Katana, Pawn .exe (4), Nightmare. SYS, Katana, Pawn .exe (27), Nightmare. SYS, Katana, Pawn .exe (42), so it went on for a few more seconds until the last message changed and it showed nightmare. sys , Katana, knight and all the icons disappeared instantly.

And that’s when the HUD was restarted, it was now showing its eyes as if nothing had happened, and the katana was already in his right hand. Somewhat confused and frightened by what happened, was raised to leave the game, but did not want to lose the points for qualifying, then the second inning saw how the last player came at full speed, with the blade of the bastard sword raising sparks on the ground.

He prepared to stop the impact with his katana, but a vision on the periphery. From his field of vision I call it attention, and that moment was enough not to succeed in blocking the blow of his adversary. I’ve seen something that shouldn’t be there, a figure that watched them in the distance, in the third hallway, only came to notice a long cables that fell from the back of his helmet before being pierced by the one that I can not divert by not focusing on combat.

The game was over, he had managed to qualify for the next round, but right now was not what he cared about, I dedicate the night to

Review all recordings of the game, listening over and over again the comments that crossed him as useless for not having dodged that hit so direct, looking for a clue to that element that should not have been there

However, He cannot find any record of that figure that observed them at that time, as if an illusion provoked by an error within YDRASSIL would have occurred.