Galia - Work in progress

Work In Progress / 16 May 2023

Starting blockout Galia

A modeling of a fan art.

Although I don't have much time, step by step and with good handwriting...

Concept page of Galia:

Always respecting the concept as much as possible, but since it is a model focused on being able to animate it in real time, I will consider doing the rigging or posing when the time comes.

Starting clothing modeling.

Mengu Mask (Finished)

Making Of / 20 March 2023

Samurai mask to practice the different hard surface techniques in zbrush, mainly polishing by polygroups and the hPolish brush.

Ready to repolize.

Retopology with the RetopoFlow 3 plugin for Blender.

For the unfloded of UVs the process has been fast with Zen UV and UVPackmaster3 using UDIMs.

I have always liked Substance Painter since its first versions.

Scene composition for rendering.

Render with Eevee.

For the final step, recreation of the render in the 3D viewer of marmoset toolbag 4.

To see the mask in real time, visit: My ArtStation profile.